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Cohesive Solutions


Cohesive Solutions is an enterprise asset management and performance management solution provider. We enable our customers to achieve greater performance and greater profitability by unlocking the hidden potential that exists within their business. They have developed a Performance Management System, named Propel.  Propel is able to unite disparate data sources and unlock the insights trapped in transactional systems, so organizations can optimize performance. With Propel, organizations can measure and visualize business outcomes in enterprise asset management, while exposing the impediments to achieving world class performance.  

Our clients benefit from our association with  world-class technology leaders that provide modern, innovative, and cost-effective solutions.  We partner with organizations and focus on strong alliances with proven success whose audiences are engaged, passionate and ready to act.  


Our PARTners

Albanese Solutions


Albanese Solutions is a firm of leading leading experts which fills a "Lost Engineering Space" in contrast to the mega engineering firms with their high rates with never-ending project style and the hands-off contract engineering placement services. We fill this space with an old-fashion value added team of Conscientious Engineers that focus on our clients’ needs and creating value through technology.  Our goal is to match the right person with your company and then support them to be sure AS supplies much more value than we cost you. We can organize, manage, and engineer your projects quickly and effectively. We expect jobs to move expeditiously, under budget, taking on obstacles aggressively to deliver on our promises to clients. We believe in following project management concepts to ensure our projects are clearly understood upfront and hit target expectations at the conclusion. We employ a Plan-Do-Act-Check mentality and we look to help our clients grow in efficiency, job quality, and ROI.