We are solution oriented problem solvers.  Our team is known and respected for their knowledge, skills and success.   Our style is direct, clear and supportive.  With our long term relationships in the industry we can deliver knowledgeable solutions-oriented problem solvers to support our projects which puts us in a unique position to provide fast, effective and sustainable solutions.

We can quickly provide the necessary resources that compliment client teams to: (1) define the problem; (2) develop an approach; and (3) implement sustainable solutions. We leverage institutional knowledge and legacy intellectual capital to address the problem quickly and with laser focus.  We do not "boil the ocean". 

Our model is different from other management consulting firms:

  • Our consultants are comprised of experienced industry practitioners.

  • We leverage a network of experienced senior practitioners knowledgeable in the Oil & Gas and Chemicals Industry. We do not put "junior" staff on our client assignments.

  • Our goal is to put the right skills on the job to bring value to our clients without the need for "learning on the job"

  • Our minimal overhead results in cost effective solutions, even though our clients work directly with senior management consultants.

  • We maintain flexibility in staffing that gets the right person at the right time.  We do not utilize "whoever is available" as some other consultancies do.

OE Advisors value proposition is simple, measurable and focused on transforming complex processes into lean, efficient and progressive outcomes for competitive advantage.


OE Advisors is a partnership of senior leaders with a vast experience across refining, petrochemical, pipeline, and chemical operations.  Our firm is a results-driven implementation firm that is underpinned with a culture and set of values clients can trust.

OE Advisors approach is to fully understand the scope of our client's needs and draw upon our qualified resources to provide solutions in an timely and efficient manner.  All of our resources have experience and successes as engineers and executives with leading operating companies and consulting firms.

The word “advisor” captures a fundamental value—how we interact with our clients, our other stakeholders. An advisor's role is that of a mentor, coach, or guide and differs categorically from that of a task specific consultant.  Because of the nature of our work, we will be eager learners and eager teachers and take great pride in our clients’ successes.

Our solutions will deliver substantive and sustainable change to drive organizational performance efficiency and ultimately operational excellence.

Our Story

Our Values

 Focus....on what matters     most

Extraordinary results can only be achieved when you are clear about what matters most. We determine what areas to focus improvement efforts on and how to overcome your company's biggest source of resistance. Additionally, we use our proprietary analytical tools to estimate savings (time, manpower and opportunity).


02. Leverage....Accomplish more with less

We help coach your leaders in finding where they have real leverage in your organization and how to use it to produce extraordinary results.  We enable leaders to develop themselves and to find their best coaching style for results and the people they lead.  Clearly, we feel that excellent communication and coordination is core to success.  In our experience the single most important piece to long-term success is cohesive and efficient work teams with clear priorities.  


03. Accountability...the ultimate performance-management system

People and teams play differently when they are keeping score, and the right kind of scoreboards motivate the players to win. We bring the practices that drive accountability and follow through, despite a whirlwind of competing priorities. We support your team to develop the ultimate performance management system and how to follow through with consistent action.

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